Sunday, April 29, 2012

worth repeating...

well, here we are... sunday mornin... sittin on my beach at my side... the way i like to start each day, most definitely. today i'm a lil unsure of what's going to be comin out of me... so, let me just say...whatever it is... thanks for reading it. i've been doin this for almost 2 years now, and i gotta say, it's been a fun interesting experience, just writing and throwin it out there for whoever wants to read it. it's one of those feelings that's kinda funny...when i hit publish, many things go through my head... thinkin of each person that reads it, how they're gonna take it...take me, really. i usually feel pretty hyped up, wondering how many people will peruse my words and get something from them...or how many people will be rolling their eyes at many people might know exactly where i'm coming many people will just think i'm a touchy, feely stupid girl :) it's kinda crazy, you know? having to just let it go, and publish it anyways... like tearing off a bandaid...or getting into a cold pool... you just have to do it quickly and know that that uncomfortable part only lasts for a second. which sorta brings me to a thought i had the other day... fresh from sleep... i woke up, with this thought in my head... a thought that i knew that what i should do is get up and write it down... because it was really clear at that very moment... of course, i didn't write it down, and later that day i was runnin the trails with a friend of mine, and as we run, we talk and tell each other jokes, stories, feelings, and sometimes things that we wouldn't tell other people, maybe... because when you're there, running, hoppin over roots and duckin under tree limbs, sweatin, you're at the most clearest spot in your thinking, it seems...what's inside of you, will come out that push that you're puttin out there, propelling your body forward and up and over's all easy compared. i can't really say that i've had many runner's highs...being that i'm as slow as a of my friend's always likes to say, i think just to make me feel better...'honey, slow and steady wins the race.' thank god for that friend :) haha! anyways, back to my thought...sorry...i get a lil side-tracked. it happens. anyways, i woke up with the thought of language...and of words... of the simple words or phrases that mean so much. the fact that hearing them or saying them can make the biggest difference in our lives. that the repetition of them, no matter way better than never hearing them or saying them at all. that certain phrases or words that are put together, are said in so many different ways. they are said out of anger, out of love, out of goofyness, out of sadness, out of jealousy... so, so, many reasons and differences... but they all come back to the same thing. that no matter what, there are some days, that we just have to have a lil faith and say them...if we feel them. now i thought about writing the phrases of which i'm talking about... but then that would make it too easy, wouldn't it? maybe it would be better for us to just keep those phrases to ourselves, but to know that they're there...inside of us. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... then again... nah... here are the one's, that for me, are worth repeating, as often as possible... with sincerity, with clarity, and with conviction... these little words, can be the biggest thing ever... it's how we use our we live our we put them into action, and just be the words... because as we know, words are words, they're just letters thrown together... we are the one's that can make them mean something. we can either make them powerful or make them meaningless. i guess that's what makes me love reading certain know, the one's that when you read a passage, you think to yourself, 'wow, that's amazing', that words can take you somewhere...make you feel everything... or wish that you could feel nothing because of the way they do make you feel. i think we've all probably been there...when you wish you could say or write the exact thing that is welling up inside of you, and all that comes out is something bumbly and gibberishy...haha...yes, as you walk away or look back at those moments that you wish you had the words, or you had hoped to be so much more eloquent...and yet there we are...later...thinking of the exact thing we should have said...and think...'why didn't i say that?' or 'why did i have to look so foolish?'...haha! oh, man, being human is a fuckin funny thing. just so full of mis-steps, and stumbles, and face-plants... but the grand part of it all is... the day that you say just the right thing... or write it in a note... or simply show someone you care...that you're there...or that you've been there. so, the words for me, that are worth repeating, generously...are these... i love you. thank you. i'm sorry. i was wrong. i'm here. i'm still here. how was your day? it's really good to see you. it's ok. it's gonna get better. you look beautiful. you're amazing. great job. i believe in you. i'm proud of you. i need you. keep your head up. i love you. oh, right, i already wrote that...i think these words should be used to, yeah, worth repeating. i think that the funny thing is...that those phrases, to me, are so important...and look, look at them...very short...very simple...and very to the point. no need to embellish. no need for a thesaurus. just right. there's a girl in my yoga classes that has a tattoo that says, 'love wastefully'. i asked her about it one day, because right in the middle of class, i noticed it, and ended up thinkin about it non-stop through out class...yeah, i know, i obviously wasn't concentrating on my practice. haha! but those words, those words...nice... i believe them... that no matter what... what's happening in your life... we should give them to some one... and yes, that doesn't mean that you're goin to get them in return... the person that you give them to, could very well, crumple those words up and toss them out. but then again, it could be the exact thing they need to hear, at that very moment. it might be the exact thing that you need to do...god, who knows? but in this life that's our very own, you know that sayin, "it's in the trying"? well, honestly, maybe it is... maybe after all of those times that you use your words, wisely, and yes, sometimes, very unwisely, if that's even a word. maybe after all that... maybe it will all start making sense... and maybe those words will come back to you, ten-fold... who knows? i think that maybe we just can't be afraid to use them...wastefully. but if you say them... wastefully. mean them. because after all...we are the one's that can make them mean something. either way... do just that... mean something. so, my waking thought, was orginally, just that there are certain words in the english language, that when put together, are worth repeating, maybe a million times over...and man, i can honestly say, they are very worth hearing as well. say them, write them, scream them, laugh them... over. over. and over. don't be afraid. after all, they're just words, right? haha! righhhhhhhhhhhhhht, righhhhhhhhhhhhht :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

people, places, and things...

it's funny,
even though i swear myself to write every other week,
it seems i just can't swear myself to anything.
i don't know about you,
but i end up finding any reason not to sit down and write.
it's one of those things, isn't it?
when you're supposed to do it,
when you set a date,
it seems so seriously committed,
that it stifles me from my thoughts or even my urge to get things going.
weird? yes.
abnormal? probably not.
guess that's something that happens to loads of people.
i've never considered myself commitment-phobic,
but maybe i am.
i don't know.
of course, there are different levels of this, i'm guessing.
for me, it's in the makin plans.
one week you say, 'yeah, dinner sounds great!'
then when the day has happened...and yeah, dinner doesn't sound so great.
if i look a lil deeper...maybe that's why i have the job i do too.
there's no urgent sense of commitment there...
except for in the moment that i'm slingin bags, left and right.
when it's done, it's done.
even though it's the same movements, a lot of the same people, and the setting is the same,
each time it's different, because the tee times are never the same.
when we're busy, there's this frustrated sense of urgency of just wanting to get it done.
i guess that's what makes it so important to work with good people.
when you're sweating and running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you want to be doin that with someone you can count on, and someone you can laugh with, even though you're getting your ass handed to you on a platter, or in this case, many sets of golf clubs, and dirty golf carts. haha!
so, there is a bit of commitment there, eh?
to each other, right? yeah.
i've had people tell me that maybe that's my problem with not finding a mate, or maybe the reason i choose the people i do...
i think of that quite often...
but i don't believe so.
because, honestly, can we really choose who we fall for?
i wish i had more control over that part, for sure.
i definitely think there's no control when that is happening.
there have been way too many times that i'm quite foolish and ridiculous...more times than i can count.
so, yep, no control over that.
maybe that's the problem though, for me.
i was sitting down yesterday, after a great workout, feelin pretty wonderful, and i came to the conclusion that when i'm home, i'm in this lil space that i've created for myself, and it's safe, and i'm sorta in control of it.
sort of :)
when it gets any bit of out how i want it...i feel my body tighten...i feel my sense of soundness thought of 'this is my space' is totally screwed.
i was talkin to one of my friends yesterday about it...
deciding that this is definitely one of the things that calls for therapy. among many other faults i have. haha! geez!
as we were talkin about it, havin mojitos on my front porch, i was calm and relaxed, but even the subject makes me antsy.
i guess i feel as if the only place i do have any sense of control of anythin, is in my lil's like my lil den of my soul...even though it's small by comparison to other people's's huge in my mind!
the sense of goodness and calm that comes over me by just walkin in the door is amazing...the silence of not havin t.v...the solitude of livin of the reasons that everythin does have it's place (but also because i'm obsessive compulsive...yet another reason for therapy...the list goes on, believe me...haha).
my problem lies in lettin go sometimes...
in not havin control, and being okay with it.
sometimes i'm totally unsure of just about everything.
of people.
of places.
of things.
all the nouns, yes.
and the verbs, most definitely :)
letting freakin go.
i was tellin my kids at school the other day...
'you never know how you'll do until you try'
sounds so easy, doesn't it?!
here i am, spouting this off to my kids...
and here i am...getting anxious about the most ridiculous of things...control.
i think i get that from you, dad...thanks :) haha!
one of our family jokes are the words my dad has said all of our lives..."here's the plan"...'s how it will go because it's up to me and i make the rules. hahahhahahha!
funny thing is...
even writing this...i have no control. haha!
i just start writing, and see where it goes...
that's kinda loosey goosey, right?
yeah, i'm going with that.
so, here's my thought...each day, what i'm gonna try and do with one thing or lose a little control...and just see what happens.
i don't know how that will go.
but if we're steering ourselves in a set path, will anythin different ever happen? how will the results change?
geez, i have no idea, i really don't...but it's nice to be surprised too, isn't it?
the truth of my matter is different than your truth.
we all have to find our own,
and yet they may be closely related or extremely different.
the thing that ties us all that we all have our truths.
i suck at commitment.
i hate a mess.
i'm not great at confrontation.
i let my heart get the best of me.
i cry at weird times.
i laugh at the wrong time.
i think all songs played, are played for me. haha!
i'm better to my friends than i am to my family.
i curse outloud and to myself...a lot.
when i get nervous, i speak out of turn.
i'm scared i'm not enough.
and yes, most definitely, there are times, i'm too much (that's part of my heart getting the best of me).
and i over-share...thinkin at the time, it's a great idea...afterwards, probably not so much :)
well, so, there ya go...
although they make me cringe a little, lookin at them, written down...
they are who i am...
and who i struggle to be.
or more aptly put, struggle against being.
i guess that's what makes humanity beautiful right?
because although, there's all that to contend with (and well, much more, i've only listed a few things in order to stop writing at some point. haha!)
we're still here together...and great things are happening all the time...things that we don't control or have no control is still this crazily amazing and lucky thing that we have.
beautiful people!
beautiful places!
beautiful things!
yes! all the nouns!
and all the verbs!
surrounded by beauty, even in this mess i call my life! haha!
now that, my friends...that's what makes life so beautiful.
with all the faults, issues, and lack of control. i'm still here.
i guess that's what makes it easier to get up everyday and see what happens.
you won't know until you try right?
i guess i'll have to take my own advice :)