Monday, July 23, 2012


summer is flowing along here, in this lil island town. some days it's easy to forget to eat, when you're havin such a good time... thus... i've sorta forgotten to write... not truly forgotten... but neglected, is more like it. there are so many stories in my head, at the moment... not sure where to start, and hopefully make some good 'moral to the story' kinda thought... or...i don't know. that's where i've been lately, it seems... i don't knows-ville... not a bad place to visit... but you definitely don't want to live there :) haha! anyways... have thought about the different ways we have to inspire ourselves... and how those ways just come up quite naturally, while you're living your life. the funny thing is... i've told you guys many stories of walking through publix... makes me sorta laugh, because well, so many things happen there. haha! it seems as if at least 4 days out of the 7, for me, are spent, walkin into that place... you'd think i was feeding a family of five! haha! that's what the cashier must be thinkin :) where does this girl put all of her food? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... i may be a publix mystery :) ahahhahahha! well, okay, onto my point or story, whichever the case may be. before goin to publix i was at work, and this man came off the course, we went through the usual 'how'd it go?' and 'did you have a good time?' kind of questions... and then i was standing there with him, waiting for his friend to pick him up and somehow we came to the subject of life and how good it is here. and he said to me that everyday that he's alive is a good day, because 25 years ago he had cancer, went through an insane amount of chemo and everything else, and yet, here he is...still alive and literally, for him, everyday is a blessing. there's a saying on the golf course, 'a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work'... well, i usually am not totally sure that's a correct statement... and i sometimes bring it up, when a golfer mentions it to me... maybe because i'm hot and sweaty and lugging their 50 lb. bags around, or maybe too, because i've had holes in tournaments that have literally brought me to tears... so really, i could go either way...which is pretty damn funny when you think about it. but this man had been through hell and back, in the old school days of cancer treatment as well...25 years ago...and he was thankful that he made it out alive. that'll definitely change anyone's life, ya know? he was funny and honest and full of energy... and it was a delight to see a man so sure that life was good, any way you put it. i walked out of work that day, inspired, thinkin, 'if this guy had the fortitude to make it through all of that, then whatever is bothering me in my life, well, i can handle.' so, i jumped in my cube, full of vimm and vigor, and rolled on to publix, of course :) i always seem to walk the same route, when i go there... i make a bee line to the bakery, then the veggie section, and so on and so forth. well, that day, i walked up to the bakery section and there was an older woman there, that i used to play golf with years and years ago... i'm not gonna lie to you, it's been about 20 or so years, and back then this woman was old in my, you get the picture :) anyways, she was always quite spunky, full of shit a bit, and not afraid to say what was what. but seeing her that day, i asked her how she was doing and if she was getting out on the course anymore...she replied no, but that she still had her clubs in the car. i told her that it was a good sign that she still had 'em in there, that it meant that maybe she'd play someday soon. i asked why she hadn't been playin, and she went on to tell me that since her second husband had died, she hadn't really felt like doing anything. i, of course, told her that i was sorry to hear that. then she went on to tell me about her life a lil bit. she told how much she had enjoyed her husband and how wonderful had been to her. that right at the end of her first marriage, when she had decided to ask her husband for a divorce, because she just couldn't take it anymore...she went home to tell him that she was going to leave him...and before she could...he died...literally. she had a bit of a sparkle in her eye when she told me it was the biggest blessing in the world...i know that sounds bad...but she chuckled at how strange life is, that finally when she had had enough...and was ready to stand up for herself...he was gone. and she was able to live life, in a better, happier, sweeter way. and the crazy part of that is that, all this time i had known her, i had no idea she had a heart... but with teary eyes, she told me, that she went from this man that she could do no right with, to a man that saw her as a woman that could do no wrong. it's making me tear up just typing this. to see the look in her eye when she told me makes you kinda think that in this world that seems so lacking somedays of love... well there it is. i can't imagine spending my days with a person that viewed me like that, and when they're get up and move forward and keep living. oh, wow, that's gotta be such a struggle. what does a person do? okay, maybe that doesn't seem inspirational to you... but here's how i look at it: life and love, they're out of control sometimes, ya know? we're going along, thinking, feeling, every turn, we make decisions that we think are the one's we should make... the right one's... we think. but who's to know? really. to somehow, fall in love, or run into it, or run away from it, or feel it at all... well, shit, sometimes that's all we can hope for. yes... we'd like it to stay... out of fear, we grasp at everything that we can that even closely resembles it, because it makes us feel good. or excited. or less numb. something. i, for one, want to have it and feel it, as much as possible. it seems like its the thing that puts the color into life. i have this horrible tendency, in my life, to over-share... and believe me, there are definitely people that can attest to this... then again, these are the people that i choose to over-share with... i guess because in my life, i'd like to share my heart, and i feel like you have to do that with the people you love... don't get me wrong though... it's quite annoying for others and also a bit too much. but i justify it in my head and heart, thinking i'd rather be a bit too much, than be less than enough. which, i don't know about you, but there are enough times in my life that i feel already that i'm less than enough. so, i figure, put it all out your heart. i was thinkin recently...'one day, honey, it's gonna happen...there'll be that person that takes what you're giving, and turns around and gives it back to you.' i don't know if i was thinking that so much as hoping that, i gotta be honest. i confessed to one of my good friends the other day that i wasn't sure i could remember what that feels like anymore...and how scared that made me to think that it had been so long...and how i wasn't totally sure how i would re-act to it. but here's the thing. no one knows how we're gonna re-act to anything... til it happens... i guess that's when all of what you know, what you've been through, and who you are takes over. i'm hoping, that i've learned enough to re-act well... to look straight ahead and not be afraid. everywhere i look, i'm inspired by regular, ordinary people. inspired to love, to fight, to live, to be happy, and to hope. i leave you with these few lines by jack kerouac about the kind of person i want to be and the kind of people i want to be surrounded by... "the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everyone goes, 'Awwwwwwwwwwww!" so, me? yeah...i want to be mad :)