Sunday, May 20, 2012

dreams and realities

have been givin thought to the next thing i wanted to write about for the last several days. and as i've probably already told you, i finally reached my 3000 hit mark, which in the the grand scheme of it all, really isn't a big deal, but, for me, i'm pretty stoked about it. after all, it's all relative, right? right. anyways, now where do i go from here? that's always the question, isn't it? what's next? it's been the waking thought in my mind lately, to be honest. i sit here, on my beach steps, and truthfully, there could be no other place that i love more than sittin here, on a sunday mornin, for a may day, it's quite cool (i actually have my favorite old hoodie on, deep grey with a hole in the shoulder), the waves are quite surf-able, or in my case boogie-boardable :), brandi carlile playin on my pandora, coffee next to me... my eyes get watery just typin that for some unknown reason. there's something about a mornin like this that makes me feel as if i have exactly everything i need right now. and as i've explained before, i don't really have anything. that's the funny part. in the somewhat near future, one of my best friends is moving across the country. when i hear her talk about it, i can relate to all of the things she says about the reasons why she's going... because i've felt and thought those thoughts before...and yes, i still think them now sometimes. i've set off a few times in different points in my life, thinkin it was the answer, most definitely, the answer. and you know, maybe it was the answer at that point in my life. i did grow. and change. little by little, i learned more and more, what were the things i wanted in my life. i guess that's all we can do, right? just keep getting out there, and trying to answer some of those questions in our hearts and souls. learning from our mistakes and successes. i read recently that we feel our losses more than we feel our successes. that we hold onto them longer. while that is most likely true, because who am i to argue with seasoned thinkers and writers... but how crazy is that, eh? i'd like to just say we throw all of that out the window and change our human nature and view of all of it. yeah, that's what i'm sayin. after all...we are the captain's of our own destiny...haha...right right... i had a thought the other day, while i was drivin down the road... it was about dreams. about the dreams that we have as we are growing up. the gist of my thought was this... as we grow older, it seems we have to give up more quickly on our dreams. or maybe more honestly, our dreams become smaller or more gathered or planned. different from being young, and havin humongous, deliriously stupid, unrealstic dreams. just think about this... how many dreams have we had to give up on, and grow up? god, so many right? sit back and think about it... all those things you dreamed about while you were a child, a teenager, a young adult, an adult... and as for me, i'm in the middle of it all...mid-life...wowzers! how did i get here?! i look at people as they walk by me, and wonder what their dreams were. how life sometimes, just beats those dreams out of you, sorta like waves against a sea shore, slowly wearing it down, then before you know it...dredging must happen to build it all up again. i propose that we all make a lil plan for ourselves that allows for a lil dreamin each day. or maybe if you can't fit that in...maybe each week... for an hour or so... just sit down, or go for a run, or surf, or paint, or be yoga, spin, read... whatever it is... give yourself a chance to dream... dream without boundaries...without fences...without chains...without anyone holding you back. what i've noticed in this funny world we live in... it's the dreamers that are getting things done, that are changing the world, that are makin a difference. that's the crazy part eh? in every part of life, there should be dreams...even just to get you through the day. yes, many of these dreams will not come to fruition... but maybe if just a few of 'em get to sneak through and become reality...holy shit... how cool would that be, eh?! so cool! we have to at least allow ourselves that, don't we? a chance even...geez... they say 'necessity is the mother of invention' right? well, i don't know about you, but i need dreams...desperately...furtively...insanely...and maybe, sometimes unknowingly. as for me, on some days... they make life bear-able... like there's a lil hope just lurking around the corner, waiting to surprise me. so, this friend that is moving...she has big dreams... and i hope for her...because i know that we need to have dreams, but we also need them to come true sometimes. i know that it's like goin out on a golf course, and playing horribly the whole day, until somewhere out of nowhere, you hit an amazing shot... it's one of those things, we golfers love to say, 'it's that one great shot that brings you back.' yep... all we need is that one great shot to bring us back. in life... hell yeah :) it's what moves us on to the next one... that next dream. right on. so, whatever it is you're dreaming about, or your friend, next to you, is dreaming of... don't give yourself a hard time about it...just keep dreaming. but while you're dreaming, get up, and meet it half way...that's the only way you'll get there, by doin the work, payin the dues, and trudging forward. there are enough things in this life that will get in the way of what you want, what you dream of in the middle of the night, that will steal your happiness away... but... there are also a whole lot of reasons why you have to keep going... keep dreaming... keep living... keep being who you are... and keep doin the things that make you happy. i look around me, this very second, and i know why i keep goin... it's these steps, my family, my friends...this life...this love...this ocean. as small as it all seems...i'm in love with it all. deeply and clearly. i want dreams...i need dreams...i love dreams. so, go... dream... it can't hurt... or maybe it can... but that's just it, isn't it? you know you're alive when you're feelin somethin... it's when you stop feelin...that's when there's a problem. so freakin dream the shit out of each day...why not, right? why not? don't talk yourself out of it. don't we do that enough? i'm not only sayin this to you, i'm sayin it to me too. dream. ask yourself...what would you do if you could do anything? what do you want? where do you want to go? and then... go from there...each day.